A session can look much like a talking therapy session but is not. You will be working in a dance studio.

Keep in mind you don’t need any previous dance experience. We work with a form of psychotherapy that also involves movement.

The empty space in the studio is like a canvas for your thoughts, feelings movements and dance. You will relate your body to the studio in a way to understand literally how much space you need. It will become a safe container to move across and the therapist will become like a mirror to you. Your personal story together with what you feel like sharing in the present moment will be integrated and express with your “body” with all your “self”. You will experience more awareness in what you are “ Thinking- Feeling and Doing”. 

Dance Therapist | Body Oriented Therapist

Movement Psychotherapy Practice

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

What does a Somatic Session look like?

During a session we might explore breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness and mirroring techniques you will move, think, feel and dance. You will be gently guided by the therapist to discover your way of moving and decide how indulgent, big or small your movement wants to be. I won’t teach you how to move.

This serves the purpose of self-expression and communication. By learning to truly listen to your body and “breathing” metaphorically and literally through pain and discomfort you will feel that a shift will occur.

You will teach your body and self how to transform while dancing the story of your life. 

My vision

The body in movement or stillness carries meaning and tells us a story. Whatever sitting, walking, standing, awake or asleep, our body is the medium to our life journey and our daily self expression. Understanding the body and mind connection can give us access to a deep understanding of who we are. Movement is for me the greatest manifestation of the body and mind connection of the inner and intimate creativity that resides in our bodies.

My credentials

I am a member of the FVB (Vaktherapeuten), therefore I am committed to their code of conduct regarding privacy and behavior.

You will be in great hands

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