Anxiety can be painful and hard to control.

Anxiety is a sign of awareness, an alarm bell that goes off when something important needs to be addressed in our lives. Often we don’t answer the call and the alarm keeps ringing creating constant distress. Anxiety is not a feeling that can disappear as it is connected to fear which is functional in humans. 

Anxiety is also a positive feeling to experience. It can help us to perform at our best.

However, it is not always easy to find the reasons behind what causes it. 

How do you typically respond when anxiety kicks in? How does it feel? How do you experience it? 

Anxiety creates a lot of stress in the body. Thigh chest, numbness in some part of the body, muscles tension. 

It is indeed very important to start understanding the symptoms you get in the body and to develop more awareness towards them. Learning how to recognise these symptoms and exploring techniques of distractions and relaxation methods can be very helpful. 

According to some psychologists and therapists to literally MOVE with or MOVE away from anxiety is a very effective response.

effective therapy for anxiety
Body Oriented Therapy

What does therapy for anxiety disorder look like?

Using dance and movement can be helpful in order to lower unpleasant body sensation often due to anxiety disorder. To recognise them and to find a way to control them. 

Increasing body awareness becomes a tool to control and recognise body signals that often lead to panic in a specific situation.

Movement can restore a sense of peace that was lost during a crisis

Dance can be an outlet for creativity but also a method to distract yourself from fears and phobias that are typical manifestations of anxiety.

The therapeutic relationship can ease a sense of social anxiety and is a medium to express. 

There are many creative ways to explore your relationship with this very uncomfortable state and during the session, we will explore also what are the aspects in your life that might relate more to these feelings of distress.

Explore which aspects in your life relate to these feelings of stress

Expat Somatic Therapy

Results of somatic therapy for anxiety disorder

EMDR therapy


  • Create more body awareness

  • Refine your sensory perceptions

  • Make more meaningful connection with yourself and others

  • Awaken and explore your inner child

  • Release physical and emotional tensions

  • (Re) discover and inspire yourself

  • Incorporate more playfulness in your life

  • Finding routines

  • Achieving personal designed goals

  • Finding your own rhythm

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