The loss of someone or the end of a relationship can be often unspeakable and bring a great deal of grief.

Dance can be an opportunity to feel and express grief in a safe manner and to allow emotions to flow freely.

Movement can also hold more meaning at times and can, for some people, be related to a spiritual connection.

treatment to deal with Loss
Body Oriented Therapy

Therapy to deal with a Loss

Therapy for dealing with loss works in processing emotions through body movement.
  • Processing emotions through the body
  • Creatively shaping your experience of grieving while moving
  • Creating your dance movement experience/ choreography on personal meanings
  • Developing acceptance and letting go through ritualistic experiences while moving

Develop acceptance by letting go through experiences while moving

Expat Somatic Therapy

Results of somatic therapy to deal with loss


Results of Somatic Therapy

  • Create more body awareness

  • Refine your sensory perceptions

  • Make more meaningful connection with yourself and others

  • Awaken and explore your inner child

  • Release physical and emotional tensions

  • (Re) discover and inspire yourself

  • Incorporate more playfulness in your life

  • Finding routines

  • Achieving personal designed goals

  • Finding your own rhythm

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