The stress of past emotional and traumatic events affect the central nervous system in the human brain. This can cause changes in the body and our body language. 

The impact of trauma can be subtle, insidious, or outright destructive. How an event affects an individual depends on many factors, including characteristics of the individual, the type and characteristics of the event(s), developmental processes, the meaning of the trauma, and sociocultural factors.

“One of the common problems documented in cases of trauma and PTSD is the disconnection between the mind and body (Ogden et al., 2006).”

When experiencing a traumatic event the body has the innate reaction of fight or flight.

During this reaction, we release hormones that can cause a numbing of the body, dissociation or hyperarousal which means that you are constantly responding to outside stimuli as experiencing danger around you. We can also often see the result in altered facial expressions and posture as well as physical pain and flashbacks. 

So the traumatised individual literally either leaves his or her body or experiences distress and danger all the time while dealing with painful memories. 

therapy for Trauma
Body Oriented Therapy

What happens during our sessions?

In Dance Therapy we encourage the client to give a name to their movements and to clarify what they are experiencing. Knowledge and description about body sensations can restore a sense of ownership. We encourage the client to relive metaphorically the experience while building and owning a new story or reintegrating the old memory. 

Through developing awareness of the mind-body connection and using specific interventions, somatic therapy helps you to release the tension, anger, frustration and other emotions that remain in your body from these past negative experiences. Embarking on healing trauma requires a lot of commitment, can be painful and might take a long time.

The goal of somatic therapy is to help free yourself from the stress and pain that is preventing you from fully engaging in your life.

Free yourself from stress and pain

Expat Somatic Therapy

Results of somatic therapy for Trauma


Results of the therapy:

  • Create more body awareness

  • Refine your sensory perceptions

  • Make more meaningful connection with yourself and others

  • Awaken and explore your inner child

  • Release physical and emotional tensions

  • (Re) discover and inspire yourself

  • Incorporate more playfulness in your life

  • Finding routines

  • Achieving personal designed goals

  • Finding your own rhythm

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