burn out

“Burnout is widely seen as a chronic stress-related syndrome with the three dimensions exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy”

Burnout is a stress related disorder which can be temporary or chronic.

effective treatment for burnout
Body Oriented Therapy

How does therapy for burnout work?

Therapy for burnout works in finding a new and compassionate rhythm for yourself.
  • Training psychomotor activities to lower cortisol level
  • Designing a new space for yourself
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Practicing good and compassionate daily habits

Find a new compassionate rhythm for yourself

Expat Somatic Therapy

Results of somatic therapy for burnout


Results of the therapy

  • Create more body awareness

  • Refine your sensory perceptions

  • Make more meaningful connection with yourself and others

  • Awaken and explore your inner child

  • Release physical and emotional tensions

  • (Re) discover and inspire yourself

  • Incorporate more playfulness in your life

  • Finding routines

  • Achieving personal designed goals

  • Finding your own rhythm

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