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"Wist tevoren niet wat ik kon verwachten, maar oh wat ben ik dankbaar. Claudia heeft mij afgelopen maanden geholpen om meer in verbinding te staan met mezelf en anderen, en te luisteren naar mijn lijf. Soms schrikbarend wat daar uit kwam, maar uiteindelijk vooral helend. Dank je Claudia voor deze mooie journey!"

Danielle Nativ

"Claudia's compassionate approach and profound understanding have truly made a positive impact on my life. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking professional, insightful, and supportive counseling. Thank you!"

Daniel Denis

"Last year Claudia helped me and it was a very positive experience for me. She is very trustworthy and kind. I felt very safe during the sessions. She can read non-verbal communication very well and is skilled in her speciality. She dared to say what I didn't necessarily wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. I would recommend this to others."

Jo-Anne Kooijman

“I can highly recommend Claudia as guide on an inner journey! In our dances, she helped me connecting to myself, figuring out my needs and giving them the space they deserve. This drastically decreased my stress levels and left me feeling free and in peace with myself :)"

Julia Folz

"Feeling like standard therapy sessions did not really work for me and inspired by Alexander Lowen book I searched for somatic therapy places and very quickly found Expat Somatic Therapy. I did not know what exactly I can expect but I absolutely did not need to worry. With her professional approach Claudia ensured I could start a journey to reconnect with my body, my breath and eventually myself through the movement. I felt really safe and taken good care of during sessions. Moreover, the studio is beautiful and spacious with a great atmosphere and warm tea to welcome you which made me feel really comfortable to land and open up. I can highly recommend Claudia’s services! Dancetherapy sessions really helped me to slowly but surely make me a better, more peaceful self and heal from past traumas."

Justyna Borowiecka

"Claudia is a professional dancer and an amazing dance therapist.working a lot under pressure I was desperate to go back to my inner self and child in the beginning of each week.claudia was helping me achieving this with great success via breathing,dancing therapy and improvisation tasks. thank you claudia for all the good movement practices you shared with us.🙌💃👯‍♀️🌈⭐️🤸🏻"

Fani Voyiatzi

"During my childhood and teenage years, I developed a pattern of overly adaptive social behaviour. Step by step I had buried ‘the real me’. In about 15 sessions Claudia worked with me to rediscover myself and show myself to the world. She works intuitively, carefully using whatever happens in the moment. She is very empathetic but was nevertheless confronting me with my patterns when necessary. Because the body doesn't lie, I could no longer hide behind my vocabulary. The sessions were a valuable look in the mirror to me, convincing me to continue my journey with even more dedication."

Maaike van der Loo

"Working with Claudia was a delight. She's very passionate about her work and has great empathy and resonance with the client/the other presences in her practice. Her insights and guidance has brought a lot of value to my personal process and I feel I have a gained a new level of awareness and have deepen my self knowledge. If you're looking to understand more about how your body process your lived or unlived emotions, THIS is the perfect place for you!"

Adina Ciocoiu

"Due to intense stress I had some issues functioning on a daily basis. I felt like I couldn't connect to my body and feelings anymore. Having the possibility to start this therapeutic journey with Claudia helped me to reconnect to myself and find my strengths again."

Eva Tempesta

“I first joined Claudia's group dance classes, as a hesitant introduction in reconnecting and sharing with other people. Soon, through movement I was able to express feelings, emotions and energy I thought were gone forever. I continued with private sessions which proved the most effective means for reconnecting my body and mind and helped open my eyes and my heart to personal and life changing realisations and affirmations... I can move, I can dance, I am grateful!"

Maria, The Hague

"Due to the hustle and bustle of life I lost the connection with my body. Claudia guided me with the help of dance and movement in my search of my inner self. Moved by emotions, within the safety that Claudia offers, I discovered what moves me in the world. What moves me in life, and which is my rhythm. I am now reconnected with myself and with love I can move forward. Your dance therapy has helped me find myself. Thank you Claudia."


"I am a professional Italian classical singer and I went to Claudia to be able to connect more with my body (and not only with my vocal chords). I didn’t really know what to expect from our work together since I never danced before, but it was impressive how quickly she guided me through this connection with my “true self” and how happier and lighter I feel after every session. She knows how to create a completely safe and cozy environment to make me feel comfortable and open up myself. Noteworthy, she speaks my language and this aspect enhance my connection with her and with myself even more."

expat somatic therapy family

"Claudia is a very skilled and passionate dance therapist with love and compassion for her clients and the path of self growth. She is a supportive and very creative person with a great deal of empathy for her clients and insights. I highly recommend her practice Somatic Therapy."


"I found Claudia when I was in the middle of losing my connection to dance and trying to find a happy place after moving abroad. Her practice and approach is like no other and I found my passion for movement again! Always grateful for her and would definitely recommend."


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